The Farm

Barc for Pets provide boutique pet care services and is an online ecommerce destination, that celebrates the relationship between people and their companions. We offer a unique and personalised experience, tailored to each and every individual fur family. We offer a comprehensive curation of services designed to enrich and enhance your pet’s wellbeing for both daytime and overnight services.

Our service offerings in Sydney and the Gold Coast include:
- The Farm

- Outdoor Doggie Day Care

- Dog Walking

- Overnight Minding and Holiday Care

- House Sitting

- House Calls

- Half-Day Day Care

- Wash, Tidy & Dry

About Us
Co-Founders Rebecca and Marc established Barc for Pets in 2016, with a vision of innovating the pet industry as we know it, by providing personalised and loving pet care tailored to each animals’ unique needs. If you are planning a family holiday away or work long hours and just need some extra help with your pets, Barc for Pets is here for you. Today Barc for Pets is a team of 7 enthusiastic, reliable, caring and dependable pet professionals with a passion for the relationship between pets and their people.

If you are planning a family holiday away or work long hours and just need some extra help with your pets, Barc For Pets is here for you. Today Barc for Pets is a team of 7 enthusiastic, reliable, caring and dependable pet professionals with a passion for the relationship between pets and their people.

The Farm

The farm is an immersive outdoor doggie daycare experience located on our property in the exclusive farmland of Terrey Hills in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. The Farm is a six-hour plus experience with a combination of structured mental and physical stimulation, resulting in the return of a very happy and content fur family member. The farm includes pick up and drop off services to your door, with many photos and videos of the day delivered straight to your inbox. The farm is strictly for Northern Beaches residents only.


Our farm trips are for 6 hours plus and pick up and drop off to your door is included in our experience. Our collections in the morning are between 0700-0900 and drop off is between 1300-1500.

We don’t require you to be at the property as we will have instructions from our meet and treat of where to settle your pets.
You will be alerted when our team is on the way to collect your pets and you can even track our arrival via the sms.


- Pick up and drop off to your door

- 6 hours plus of mental and physical stimulation

- Photos and videos of the experience

- Tick and health checks prior to returning home

- VIP access to overnight services with all spaces reserved for our regular farm trippers and day time service clients

Investment Starts At

All prices are inclusive of tax and payment can be made by any credit card, paypal, EFT and or apple pay

Why is physical activity important for your dog?
Regardless of your dog's age, breed or size, they all need regular exercise. Proven over time, a tired dog is better behaved, calm, focused, and understanding. Exercising keeps your dog healthy and limber while minimising behavioural issues such as excessive licking, barking, chewing, digging, and other anxiety-related behaviours.


Above all, dogs need exercise to tackle obesity as this is one of the most common health concerns for dogs. To ensure your dog has a healthy weight, you should first take it to your vet. A vet will discuss the ideal weight goal for your dog and review their current weight. Barc For Pets can assist these weight goals with our many services, particularly The Farm. This experience for your pooch is full of mental and physical exercises to keep them as healthy as ever.

Mental health

Taking your dog for regular exercise can do wonders for its mental health. Firstly, it can decrease their anxiety as they will be regularly socializing with other dogs. Also, just like us humans, dogs receive endorphins after exercise, allowing them to feel a natural high and be happy. Finally, if your dog is less anxious, it's less likely to engage in self-destructive behaviours such as chewing your furniture and crying. Luckily for you, Barc For Pets' The Farm service does just the trick!

Keeps their joints active

While the correct weight will help keep your dog in shape, regular exercise will also ease any pain it has on its joints. If your dog has regular exercise appropriate for its age, its joints will stay lubricated and have fewer problems. At the same time, the muscles supporting them will get stronger.

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