Your clients can always out 
eat your training.

What are you doing to track food with your clients?
How are you using that information to coach and course correct your clients?

Chances are, if you're like most trainers, you're not.

… and it's not entirely your fault.
Recommending apps like myfitnesspal is a great start, but in reality there's significant hurdles

Recommending apps like myfitnesspal is a great start, but in reality there's significant hurdles

  • Entries are inaccurate.
  •  You need them to send you screenshots.
  • You can’t keep them accountable when they DON'T enter data.
  • and a company has your client data.  They could be selling that to anyone.
It makes it hard for you see what's going on and to see your client's REAL problems.
At the end of the day, your job as a PT is to get results.
If clients aren't seeing results, they're not going to stay long term.
What your clients are doing when they AREN'T in the gym is just as important as what they do IN the gym.
if you can engage them, keep them doing things to keep them on track, they’ll stay. 
This is the exact stuff my high end clients, like the Sports Model Project do that enables them to provide an ultra-premium service and retain clients for years.

So I've decided to step in and help.

Over the next 4 months, I'm building out a Macro Tracker.

• The food details will be provided by a Dietitian so you know the food data is accurate
• It’ll include plans covering keto, paleo, LCHF and ensuring your clients are eating safely.
• You'll be able to add as many clients as you want, set their food goals, and track what they're actually eating.
• Your clients will be able to see exactly how they're going every day, so they can keep on track.
• And you can do all this on your laptop without talking to them, so you can get through your client feedback in minutes, rather than spending hours per week.

Now look, most apps on the market lock you into a monthly fee, charge you extra as you grow, and make it hard for you to get your ideas heard to get them into the app.
So I'm going to do the opposite.  It's going to be a one-time fee, use the app for as long as you like, put as many or as few clients as you like.  AND you're going to get input as to what you need.

This is NOT going to be the kind of thing that will be available on the app store for 99c in 6 months time. 

If you're smart, you're probably wondering if you could charge your clients as an add-on service with your PT.  The answer is yes.  You can, and you should.
Then you can keep the money, rather than myfitnesspal making money for every client you sell.

MyFitnessPal is charging your clients around $50 a year.

You can either include your app as a bonus, or charge clients to use it and create a passive income stream in your business.

So if you'd like to buy the thing, here's the offer:

- $1500 gets you lifetime access to the app.  There'll be NO branding on the app, no ads, and I'll take care of all the techy expenses like securing all the data and running the app.

If you're the kind of person that wants me to brand your app with your logo and name, or you have multiple trainers, we'll give you your own customised version and help you to set it up on your own servers.  This option is $2500.
Both of these are one-time payments.  No monthly recurring, no limit on the amount of clients you can put into the system. Charge for it or provide it to your clients for free.

Once you've made your payment, I'll put you into a private group where we'll be discussing how to use the app.  I'll be keeping you updated with work-in-progress shots of the app.
I AM CURRENTLY IN THE PROCESS OF DEVELOPING THE APP – it’s going to take about 4 months to develop.

But here’s the thing:

By buying now, you’ll get to tell me what features YOU need AS I’m building it.

If you choose to buy after the app is developed, you’ll have to pay extra if you need me to add things.

I’m only taking a limited number of clients at this special launch price.

So if you'd like to add this app to your business, select from the options below to get started


- No branding whatsoever
 - Unlimited clients
 - One trainer / coach
 - No monthly fees


- Your Custom Branding
 - Unlimited clients
 - Unlimited trainers / coaches
 - No monthly fees
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