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= New Meta


About New Meta

Ben Lewis

Owner, New Meta

Ben Lewis has been designing software and games based education programs for years – focused making learning more engaging, entertaining and ultimately more effective.

With a university background in software & web development and a love for playing games, he brings a unique blend of technology skill, gamification, educational psychology to clients.

Having worked with the best in the business in gamification; marketing & identity strategy; digital lead generation and sales, New Meta was created not just to meet the geeky and techy needs of your business, but also to understand your business, strategic and real world needs as well.

How we work.

1We'll have a phone conversation around what your business needs and goals are.

We don't just work with anyone. We want to make sure we can help you achieve your goals. We'll tell you straight up if it's not going to be a good fit. If we're re a good fit for you, and we like you, we'll sell you something

2 Next step is you work with us to flesh out your technical needs as well as marketing & business needs.

We get access to your website & other items like your CRM so we can set everything up. We'll also undertake sessions with you so the plan we are putting together meets your needs as well as matching your niche. Then we go away and do what we do best, getting stuff done.

3 The final step is we deliver the work to you for review.

We make adjustments / refinements based on your feedback. Once you're happy you can go ahead and launch your new shiny tech thing and prosper.