30 Leads In 2 Hours and Why You Shouldn’t Copy This Strategy

It’s so important to understand how the marketing strategy you want to roll out fits with your business, where it is NOW, and where you want to go.

I could easily post about how on Thursday last week I rolled out a strategy with one of my high end clients, how amazing that is, and how you can to...
A strategy that resulted in over 30 opt ins (name+email), 22 phone numbers in under a couple of hours.
...with 2 blog posts, 2 Facebook posts and less than $100 in ad spend.
The bulk of the opt-ins were actually from the second article, with un-boosted, organic post traffic, but I digress….

Who wouldn’t want consultation requests for like $6 each.

What’s more these were NATIVE leads…. in other words, NOT from a landing page. For those advanced people out there, it wasn’t Lead Ads either 🙂

You should roll out this strategy right?  $6 consults.  Who wouldn’t want like 100 of those...


But This Wouldn't Work For You...

I can almost guarantee this particular strategy won’t work for you right now - at least not to this level of success.

This client has over 9000 people on her facebook page, 107 or something thousand on her Instagram.  This probably wouldn’t work for you at all.

  • She’s #1 in the world in her industry.
  •  She’s a celebrity in her industry.
  • She’s on the cover of magazines.
  • She does TV.

This was NOT the case 6 months ago.  The guidance and strategy we roll out TODAY is NOT the same as 6 months ago.

One Strategy Does Not Fit All.

There’s definitely strategies that fit “most” - but these are things to be aware of.  If you’re thinking of working with an agency, VA or ANYONE who is helping you with anything social, ESPECIALLY lead generation.

Please make sure they know what they’re doing...

But how do you know for sure?  Who do you know who to trust?

For a start, you should know what you want.  You should know your metrics. You should know your strategy options, and the strengths and weaknesses of each.  You should know what your lead costs and conversions should look like…. and like another 100 things.

So to help you out, I created a report to highlight the things you need to know and understand before you work with an agency.

Download the report, level up your knowledge, and the get the most out of working with your VA / Agency or staff who’re working with you on your ads.

Learn How To Get The Most Out Of Your Marketing Agency

Before you outsource to a VA, Agency or ANYONE. There's some foundational aspects of your positioning and marketing that you should understand.

Follow our guide and have a great experience working with an Agency to help you with your marketing needs..

...and for those of you who wonder how this would work with a full paid campaign? As of this morning (5 days of promotion), it’s brought in over 600 leads so far.

If you ARE at the top of your industry (Australia or Worldwide) and you DO have a significant following (more than 5,000 Facebook followers or database) and you’d like results like this for your business, reach out and let’s chat.

Before You Outsource To a VA, Agency or ANYONE....

Learn How To Get

The Most Out Of Your Marketing Agency
Get The Most From Your Agency & How To Avoid The Money Pit
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