An App Isn't A Good Business Model

No, an app isn't a business.

A product? Sure.
A service? Totally could be.
An in-house tool? Absolutely.

But a business? Absolutely not.

Yet there's every man and his dog out there trying to become an App-preneur. To build a stable of apps that deliver passive income for years!

Except an app isn't a business. Not even close.

This is why so many attempt to make millions from apps and fail.

An app might be a product.
It could also be a service.

But the way to make millions from apps isn't to sell them on the app store. In fact, that's the best way to de-value an app that has excellent potential for making money.

So what is the best way to profit from an app?

To use it privately in-house.
Build apps for your team to do their jobs faster, better, with higher quality.

But most importantly - to be able to transplant your brain and thought process to your staff - without having to actually give them the recipe for success so they can run off and start up their own shop with your hard earned intellectual property.

I've had clients using our apps be able to double and triple their customer base through using apps in-house to handle the customer support, compliance, education and coaching of their clients.

Apps that make 6 figures in revenue are a rarity.

My clients routinely make 6 figures a month using apps.

The difference? The app isn't the business. The app SUPPORTS the business. It AMPLIFIES it. It makes the people in the business more effective.

12 years ago, my first app client came to me looking to help with his compliance. He still works with me to this day.

He had 20 staff billable to clients and 4 admin people looking after the compliance side of things for those 20 staff. After implementing the app he had 50 staff and 2 admin people doing the same compliance, but with 50 people out in the field earning money for the business.

2.5x the billable staff. Half the admin staff.

Now, that app has maybe made $50k in terms of direct sales to clients in the last 10 years, which is not that impressive, right? But that was never really where the app would shine.

The app supported around $2 million per year of revenue when used in house.

It amplified the businesses ability to get work done. It gave the business capacity where before it was maxed out and the staff were stressed out trying not to make mistakes.

I had another client come to me just before xmas last year. She was working 30+ hours alone on the delivery of client customised reports. In a few weeks, we whipped up a simple (ghetto) solution to her problems that were sinking huge amounts of time each week.

2 weeks later she increased her client base 50% - while working half the hours. You see, unlike most app development companies, I don't just develop apps. In fact, I see that as a small part of how I can help. I'm kind of like the guy at the party who knows everyone and who to speak to - except instead of people, I know tech.

Custom software isn't always the best answer.

See in many cases the answer to your problem isn't necessarily a custom software solution that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars and years to implement. In many cases it's just a matter of choosing the right technology to solve your problem — and after doing this for a while, I've worked with most of the big platforms and I'm very aware of their capabilities and limitations.

I know what questions to ask and what features and capabilities you're going to need.

So if and when I do recommend a custom solution, you're not going to build it and then next month find a solution on the market that can be bought for $9 a month.

But, in the cases where you do need custom software, how do you get the job done without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and getting nothing in return?  You don't have to look far for people who've had bad experiences with developing apps.

So to help you navigate the maze of getting your own app built, I've created a report on how to get your app built without spending galactic kabillions on development and not getting what you want.  Click the button below to get your copy.

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