Reasons To Not Grow Your Business This Year

Have I gone mad? Yes you read that right.
Is 2019 the year to NOT grow your business?

At this time of year, everyone's shouting at you to grow your business. To take on more challenges.

To do more projects.
To have more clients!
To make 2019 your biggest year EVER!

But what if 2019 was the year for you to actually do LESS.

Yes, I know for many high achieving business owners - saying that is tantamount to blasphemy.

But what if 2019 was about consolidation and getting more out of what you've already got
. ... or focusing on making things more profitable.

2018 was a year of doing less for me. Sure, there was a little bit of growth, but that was never really the focus.

To be honest, it wasn't 100% conscious choice.

I did a pretty good job burning myself out in 2017 so I literally didn't have the energy or capacity to keep doing everything I'd been doing.

I'm sure you can relate to being the go-to in your business and having to handle absolutely every query, question and issue brought to you by your clients.

So the focus for me was to consolidate and do less "work" myself personally.
Rather than working 80+ hours a week handling all the delivery myself.
- I (finally) put on some staff and trained them in a lot of the repetitive parts of service delivery.
- I (finally) got an excellent bookkeeper and accountant to handle the tax and compliance parts of the business.
- I created a LOT more material and content for my clients to educate them in better ways.

While I was technically doing fewer hours work — those hours were actually much more productive.

I regained the capacity to engage in larger, longer, and more complex projects. Projects that were far more fulfilling and enjoyable for me to work on.

I regained the energy to focus and engage with the business financials. I increased my capacity for empathy and care of my clients — ultimately being able to support them better when they go through tough times.

There's nothing wrong with growth, but growth for its own sake can be problematic.

I think it's important to ask yourself WHY you want the growth.
What's the REAL outcome?

So while most people by now will have set up some goals for 2019 - I thought I'd put this out for you to consider maybe doing less this year.

Even if you choose to grow in 2019, just thinking about doing less will challenge you to look at your business in an entirely new way.

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