Dear "Greg", Nobody Cares About Your Website

An open letter to the people who tell me my website sucks and I should stop marketing immediately.
Nobody cares about your website.
No really... they don’t.
As a guy who does technical work for a living that might seem like an strange point of view.
I get emails all the time along the lines of “Ben, you really should fix up your own site before you sell website services"
I find it funny because the people who say things like that are either:
a) Frustrated web developers or business owners who’ve been activated by my marketing, normally because they aren’t doing any, or their marketing sucks.
b) …. there is no B.
Assuming for a moment i’m not an idiot and I actually have a strategy for my business… why might that be?  Why would I not care if there is some small issues with my site?
I don’t profess for my website to be perfect…. and I’m actually doing that for a reason.
To show my clients your websites and landing pages don’t need to be perfect to be effective.  In fact, the more you agonise over the perfection, the worse off you are.
Sure, I could spend days and months agonising over every single font, colour and image - but what’s the point?
What’s your website actually for anyway…. If you said information, you screwed up already.  Do not pass go, do not collect $200.
Client #1 is in the fitness industry.  Well known in her field… does NOT have a website, until only recently.
We put together a campaign for her to generate some leads and phone numbers so she could sell her program.  No website, just a landing page.
1 Facebook post (not boosted or advertised) to a 3000 person page.  500 email addresses added to list, 200 phone numbers.
Do you have any idea how much they made on the back end of that?  (Hint: They sold out their program in a week and a bit and then went on holiday… I think they are still on holiday…..)
To be fair, she is a semi celebrity in her industry - not like Michelle Bridges well known, but well known none the less.  She’s been in magazines and things.
Client #2 is in B2B - helping business owners network and refer better.  She does NOT have a website.
We put together a campaign to sell into her program.  You might see some similarity here.  No website, just landing pages.
This one did use Facebook ads because she is NOT a celebrity - she’s just like you and me, doing her thing, building her business.
500 or so email addresses & 124 phone numbers and one month later.  Guess how much she made from that one campaign?  (Hint: Just shy of 5 figures a month, north of 6 figures in sales).
ROI on the campaign: 50:1.  Insane fact: she still has over 100 of these leads to speak to.
She could make a million bucks from this one campaign. IF ONLY SHE HAD A WEBSITE... just kidding.  She doesn't need a website, she only needs her phone - she's good at talking to people.

Do you think their clients care they don’t have websites?  No way.

Clients care about what you can do for them.  Anyone who tells you they need to see your website is lying to you, or you haven’t done a good enough job selling and explaining what you do.  If they didn’t want to buy, they’d just say no thanks.

For example… if we were able to resurrect Steve Jobs, and he was selling you the latest MacBook Pro, do you think you’d say “Hang on Steve, let me go check the specs on the website before I buy”… no way… you’d just ask him - After all, he has all the answers.

If you think your clients need a great website, you’re wrong.

They need their problems solved.

 They need a great you.
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