Should you be starting up your 2017 plans... today??

Ah the silly season. Welcome back… where did the year go??

Is it holiday time already? Sheesh time flies when you’re having fun.

At this time of year, I hear from business owners who are in one of two categories.

Are you winding down or ramping up?

There’s the clients who are winding down for the year… taking a break, as things typically slow down over December and January. If that’s you… have you ever wondered WHY your business is quiet in December and January - because I can almost guarantee there’ll be someone in your industry who KILLS IT over the new year.

Then there’s the clients who are ramping up their efforts… who are charging into the holiday period shouting “2016 isn’t over yet……” They’re marketing, selling and delivering like mad to make the most of the loosened purse strings and the festive spirit.

For many businesses, not just retailers, December is their biggest month - not only with sales, but also with advertising and lead generation over the holiday break…. think about it.

What’s Everyone Doing With Their Time Off?


What’s everyone doing with their time off, while they are “less busy"

  • Sitting around with family. Phones in hand… browsing Facebook.
  • Thinking about the year that just ended.
  • Pondering the year that’s just about to start.

They're sitting on their phones... will they be seeing your ads?

They’re primed to be thinking about their situation and their future.
They’re finally “less busy” and taking some time out.
They’re primed for well though out marketing.
… and if you’re playing along at home, primed for buying things.

Now, that doesn’t mean you should rush out and launch a brand new shiny “buy my shit” campaign - but if you’re like many of the people I speak to, there’s wins to be had with the final time left in 2016.

If you’ve been running ads during the year, now’s the time to change it up, launch some fresh campaigns. It’s time to think long and hard about your prospects and how their life has been this year… because you can guarantee that they’re going to be looking back on the year.

… was it a year of great victories?
… was it a year of great difficulties?
… was it a year of missed opportunities?

What Would Help Them Move Forward..?

What would set them up to be in a great mindset to spend some time with family during the break.  What would engage and captivate them.  Let's face it, they don't REALLY want to be spending time with Great Uncle Stan or Aunty Betty.

If you can figure that out… and hustle over the next two weeks, and you too could be having your best December yet.

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve been doing some form of marketing during the year.
If you’re thinking that things haven’t gone quite as well as you would have liked, and that you could do with some help with improving, tweaking or optimising your campaigns - you should totally reach out for a free strategic consultation.

We’ll laser focus on what you’ve been doing, what needs work, and strategically what to run between now and the new year - so that you can get maximum value from your campaigns.

Click the link below and select a time - and let’s chat!


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