This Is Why You Don't Do The Numbers In Your Business

I find there is such huge resistance to actually running the numbers in your business and thinking of the impact of the right message and offer.  You can get away with this when you're selling referrals in your business.  To people who know what you do and the value you provide - selling programs or services where work is coming from existing clients or word of mouth that you're good at your job.

Let's be honest thats how most of us got into business in the first place.

You're damn good at what you do - and you started providing that service and education to others. Because you're good at what you do, you get a whole lot of referral and our business grows as a result.

But you didn't get into business to focus on the details and complexity of the numbers.

What happens is you get to a certain point in our business and we want to transition and do something new.

  • Maybe you want to put together a new program or a higher price offer.
  • Maybe it’s something breakthrough and completely different to what you've done before.
  • Maybe you're realising that your clients that have been buying your services from referral and the things that you do — are no longer the clients we want to go after.

Quickly, you realise that you need to do some marketing to bring in these people — and marketing costs money, obviously. So you need to run the numbers of what your business looks like — and make sure everything actually stacks up and is profitable.

It shocks me how many people omit, underestimate, or just leave out their marketing costs and don't want to dive into detail.

It's something that I’m lucky that I do naturally — having a background as an engineer, programming computers and doing technical back ends that detail comes naturally to me.

But most people get into business because they are big picture people – NOT detailed oriented and numbers focused.  You got started in business to be FREE of this level of detail, not to engage in it MORE.

You don't like doing the details. You don't like going into minutia. In fact, rather than going to that level of detail with specificity around your business you’d rather stab yourself in the eye with a fork.

You'd much rather be coming up with the big concepts and the big plans, and making the money.

HOWEVER, If you are going to start incorporating paid advertising into business you have to look at the numbers. I know you didn't get into business to do all these extra detailed jobs - but someone on your team must.

Someone needs to do that for you because time and time and time again when I am working with prospects on the phone, we'll be working through their business model and there’s MASSIVE issues.

  • The business model just isn't going to sustain the style of marketing that they want to do
  • The price point's are way out of step with their goals.
  • The message is 180 opposite to what the owner really wants.
  • ...and the kicker, they statistics and conversion rates they require for success mean that they be 10-100-200x better than the world leaders in their industry.  In other words, impossible or highly unlikely.

But it gets worse. You're probably guessing.

If you feel like going into these details is "guessing" - you REALLY need help - because if you don't know what "good" and "bad" figures look like - how are you going to know when you're winning?

You say you want leads, but what you really want is to be free to do your thing.

You say you want leads for your new product or offer, but you aren't willing to work out what those leads are WORTH to you - or what they will cost you.  You just want to do the parts of your business that you are good at.

But, it's really important that you look at this because if your model isn't going to play out for you you might as well not even start - it's like throwing money down the drain. The good news is that it can be fixed with just a few tweaks though - if you are willing to put in the effort.

I know you don't REALLY want to dive into the nitty gritty of the marketing because you got into business to have the freedom to do the things you want.  In reality though, for your marketing to succeed - this needs to be done - otherwise your offer blends into every other offer in the market right now - and ultimately that doesn't end well for you and your business.

So what we need to do is we need to look at a model that is going to work for you because so many owners just think “oh you know it will be okay we'll figure out a way to acquire leads cheaper”. Or worse, they think customers will just show up because their product is great.

Well let me tell you as someone who is trusted to do done for you copy, articles & marketing for businesses are turning over between $750k and a couple of million dollars a year – many of whom are nationally or internationally recognised leaders in their field…

That's not how this works.

The lead generation you'll find often costs far far more than you will expect and the internet is cluttered with people selling you on $1 leads and all of this garbage that just isn’t possible for a non-celebrity business.  No wonder people spend a few hundred bucks on ads, don't get results, and quit.

There's a bit more expertise to good campaigns than just posting memes.

If you could just profit hugely from posting memes, gif's and quotes, everyone would be making hundreds of thousands of dollars a month off a tiny ad spend.  If it were true, you could just outsource to someone offshore and pay $100/month for someone to "manage" your social, and you'd be home free.  Except you've probably tried that — and it just doesn't work.

So what can you do about it?

If you not the details person if you're not inclined to run the numbers, if you don't know what your lead costs could be in your market place - let me help you with that.

Let me take on that burden of going into the detail and running through that and giving you the executive summary on that. To tell you what you need to know of whether the new thing that you're looking to rollout is going to actually work for you - while shielding you from the details that you really just don't want to know about.

So you feel like help with that, if you would like you would like me to have a look at your what you're looking to sell, the marketing plan you're looking to roll out and whether that's all going to work for you - this is for you.

Let me help you fill in the gaps.

What I'm going to offer you is a free one on one audit of your website, marketing and the product that you're selling.  It doesn't matter if you're if you're online, offline, product or service — or even if you're a local a local gym who is just wanting to bring more people in.

The same rules always apply.

If you’ve ever run ads that bombed and didn’t get you a return – it will be obvious why.

Let's have a look at your web site. Let's have a look at the messaging and marketing that you're putting out into the marketplace and see if that's going to work for you - because 90% of business owners mess this up and end up putting out marketing to the world that is the polar opposite of the type of people they're looking to attract.

So, if you'd like to take advantage of one of these sessions enter your details on the form below and I'll give you a call and run through run through everything with you.

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